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Jelita Reload

senok deblong dirimu say,

Pulsa Internet

ganteng pak niku fotone,,

Eric Nicholson

Howe did your camera person come up with this angle? Was it a tall man maybe?

Ron Partridge

It would be interesting to know what led to this visit - a return to the roots? a kind of pilgrimage? inspiration? or maybe thoughts for the future? a return to Mt Carroll? (probably neither practical nor desirable, who can say?)

Ron Partridge

What led to this visit by our new pres? Nostalgia? Pilgrimage? Return to the source? Quest for inspiration? Future plans? Most curious.

Penelope Thacher

Wish I'd known you were in town. The campus is on my daily walking route.

Jonathan Goldman

Warner - thanks - this must be a sign of aging brain. I knew that.

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Jonathan, the kitchen end of Hostetter was usually called McKee

Jonathan Goldman

Yup - sure looks like the gym in the background and the kitchen end of Hostetter to the right. Are you moving us back home? (hint hint)

Linda levy

Looks like Mount Carroll's former Shimer campus to me

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