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I wish I had pictures of our May poles at Waukegan.
What a strange feeling to see that something which struck me as totally out of the blue and anachronistic, but somehow just right, was a college tradition!


Ha! Found it in the 1923 viewbook, appended to Frances Shimer Record 15:2. (Fun fact: although viewbooks from the 1920s and 1930s mostly kept recycling the same photos from year to year, the May Fete photos were updated each year.)

Incidentally, the frontispiece of the 1923 viewbook presents the following mission statement: "The aim of the Frances Shimer School is to train its students for life rather than for a particular vocation; the school seeks to develop in the young women intrusted to its care, sound minds in sound bodies, and to inspire them with ideals, democratic and altruistic, to the end that they may realize their obligation to make some individual contribution to the common welfare." ... Let no one say that the seed of the Hutchins Program did not fall on very well-prepared soil at Shimer!


Clearly a May Fete, but from which year? I'll take a rough stab and say early 1930s?

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