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Soniya Suyal

I always read your blog, i will definitely read your novel. Thanks for writing.

Manoj Keshwar

Great post...His science fiction were superb to read.

Cambro Boilers

Sir i am biggest fans of your's novels . I read most of books which is written by you . I hope you give always best stories to the world through your novels..

Alastair Taylor

I've always loved Alastair's work. I work for a custom software development company and during by programming career Im somewhat tried to implement his Artificial Intelligence ideas into my programs.

Dolphin Fencing

I found this post very interesting and trying to give time for reading Alastair Reynolds novel from my busy schedule.

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Gowling Stairs

I love reading post on science fiction. Alastair Reynolds is a great British science fiction author.Thanks and Retain Posting!

Matt Walsh

Great article written by Alastair Reynolds on science fiction. This is my first reading of your post.

Thanks for sharing.


Alastair reynolds is very pleasent personality that i found when i read your blog i will definately read the novel written by him. thanks


I love read novel, this is my first time to touch Alastair Reynolds. I think, I will also love him too.

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