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The college faculty was later considered, but firmly rejected his aspiration for an orderly approach to the great books, and then a plan was moved to the great curriculum books of St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland.

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When people compare (consciously or unconsciously) the image of an ideal myth with the experiential reality of their lives, they can easily ignore too much reality, and adhering to ideals instead, in this way you find great intellectual as well as emotional satisfaction. Part of satisfaction comes from the conviction that myth, while life and the world is always changing, is a story that never changes. It is always available to be republished, reenacted, relived. Thus the real spam flow is held in check by the fortress of permanence - a kind of timeless present - set forth in legend.


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The phrase evokes a widely cherished founding myth: Robert Maynard Jutchins came to the University of Chicago as a young man in 1930; He brought with him Mortimer Adler, who introduced him to the powers and pleasures of the Great Books; As a result, Hitchins established a Liberal Arts curriculum at the College organized around Great Books reading.


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Often hailed as the most significant curricular experiment in the history of higher education in the United States, the "College Hutchins' has even more frequently been misrepresented.


The university faculty considered later, but firmly rejected its claim to a curriculum organized around the great books, after which the draft curriculum of great books got transported to San.


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