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December 10, 2008


Adrian Nelson

I read Tolstoy's "What is Art?" for Hum1, and some of his arguments for art are pretty similar to Heidegger's. One of his criteria for art is that it communicate the feelings of the artist to the audience, and the better the art, the more universal it is.
His argument for not understanding art of a bygone era is that their art celebrates the values of their time, and we have outgrown them--we have advanced and left their art behind. That in a way seems similar to what Heidegger is saying: that art becomes a thing when you can no longer connect to it.


I'm writing an essay at the moment concerning 'The Origin', titled, 'Is our appreciation of artworks subjective?'

I have studied the text but as with much of Heidegger the vagaries of his intentions can lie far from the direct translation of his philosophy. However, your blog has given me some ideas and it was well written.

Concerning your last question you should look up this book: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Art-Thought-New-Interventions-History/dp/0631227156/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1231349567&sr=8-5

Or rather, specifically the...penultimate essay i think it is where Diarmuid Costello explores the possibility of the Tate Modern being a modern/technological artwork, in a Heideggerian sense. Personally it seems she is fighting a losing battle from the start but it is still interesting.


I did art at school and high school here in Spain and I think that a big problem with the Art education is that all the teachers show you the same paintings or sculptures and tell you the same about it and don't motivate you to understand the creation or the author... and most of the people end up saying "I don't like art"

Too bad! People should leave the ordenador for a while and go out to some museum and get some culture... instead of spending so much time with their ordenadores and componentes pc. I'm thinking of puting a picture in my website like "the painting of the month" and make people look at it when they log in... maybe that's going to make a few of them to apreciate the art. Kisses from julia from my portatil


i am from egypt , on our school art eduction considered secondary and do not study such as another course , i hope to educate another shape from art such as graphic as child love computer and use it Madly

Vive Libre

I am from Spain and our cultural politic is very bad, i try to improve acces to our museums througt the technology

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