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April 01, 2009



Doesn't it seem like Shimer should be a coffee shop? The sort of thinking and conversations that seem to go on at Shimer are definitely congruent with those at coffee shops. Ah! But your theories on love! I cannot comment. Mind is too weary. I feel like I should be reading a Bob Dylan song. I love reading these things though, keep on writing them. Entertaining to say the least. Hmm... the Turks got something right with their coffee houses. Why doesn't Shimer focus on Middle-eastern writing? Is the sick-man of Europe too sick for the Western Canon?


You know, Jake, if I ever get Asia and Phthalo to blog about their Orientalist dorm room, I suspect you will really like it.


You foiled my alias. What a bummer! Yes, I suppose I will. I have heard, but have not seen, this masterpiece they call a dorm.

Antique Glass Bottles Guru

Lovely article. I especially like the photos. These cafes look really great, thanks for the tips.


ah, a topic after my own heart! My student days were just manageable because of my coffee consumption after a night on the town.


Me encanta el olor de las maderas antiguas y todo relacionado con el vintage

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