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April 03, 2009



Do they categorize these books in a thematic or even alphabetic fashion? I am largely intimidated by chaotic books. To me, not knowing where to start, frightens me beyond belief. And this icream shop! Do they have forms of gelato? I suppose I should've checked the link before posting this. Though, I like quasi-human interaction since I am lazy.


They are organized in large sections (Fiction, philosophy, psychology, etc, and then by author). Also, Bad Brigid, photography is not allowed in myopic :)


:) Yeah, but...free publicity!

And no, not gelato--although I know of a few places that do. iCream offers regular or organic or low-fat or soy ice cream as well as hot pudding. I'll make a post about it soon; I plan to go tonight.

Brad (Shimer 2013)

Oh my,that looks awesome.

Well, I guess if I file for bankruptcy any time soon, I know who to blame! Ha.

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