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August 06, 2009



I would just like to point out that when you said "Don't bring books that are intellectual" you then dropped Edith Wharton, PG Wodehouse in that list. That's the true Shimer spirit.

Of course, for the A.A. Milne, I always preferred him in the latin (Winnie Ille Pu).

Katy Martin-Seaver

You do have a point. Though appropriately Shimerian my list does sort of defeat its own purpose. As far as other non intellectual books go, I'll have to confess to Georgette Heyer novels (Regency Romance) and some Dashiell Hammett. So really, anything goes.
Though not a latin scholar I have looked at Winnie Ille Pu and it seems to be an interesting translation idea. Winnie never struck me as very Roman so I have to wonder how he sounds in that language.

Warner W. Johnston

In the 60s I brought my library with me to Shimer each year. Of course I had a car in the days cars were big. I suspect a few of my classmates remember Sherman, named after the tank. I had 24 feet of bookshelf space the first year, more in later years.

When I moved to NYC in 76 I moved over a 1000 books. When I moved out of NYC in 96 my wife and I moved about 4000 books. I still have most of the Shimer texts and have even read from a few. PSJ I & II anyone? $5 each in 64.

Our biggest category of books is cookbooks, with perhaps 1000 of them.

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