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November 13, 2009


Ben Marquez

In basic training the drill instructors would often refer to "Jody" in everything we would do; and this would drive us crazy because they would incessantly harp on the fact that "Jody" was courting someone else now, and that we should forget our girlfriends.

Dear John letters were a common occurrence at mail call...many a teary eyed recruit.

Correction:"Cherokee" should be changed to Apache...no worries...

Ben Marquez


Grandpa Marquez: WW11 Pacific Theater:US Army

Grandpa Casuse: WW11:US Army

Charles M. King:Iraq War
:my drill instructor


BEN! Apache, indeed - I knew that, so I don't know why I said Cherokee. My bad, as they say. Peace, and see you soon.


Sorry I didn't call in! I look forward to the next one!


it is just waste of time

Somnath Brahma

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