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January 26, 2010


Account Deleted

Helllo....Alex, am Arman new joining this forums. Your post on personal matter is so nice. Thanks for sharing...

Adrian Nelson

Mwahahahaha. You may have gone over to the dark side of Microsoft, but come back to the light of Nintendo! Or at least the twilight of Sony. I've got a Cube and a copy of Smash Bros Melee. And Gauntlet. And a PS2 and a copy of Champions of Norrath. And Katamari Damacy. Cheezy games, I know, but consider yourself challenged.

Cassie Sherman

I have had the theme song for Katamari stuck in my head ever since a professor mentioned in class the other night that "disaster" comes from roots that describe a cataclysmic event of such ridiculous proportions that it puts out the stars in the sky. It was only meant to resonate with Greek Tragedy...

Alexandra Rosenberg

Arman, thank you for commenting!
Meg, Katamari is NEVER cheesy! That is one of the best games EVER! It crossed over from PS2 to 360 though with "Beautiful Katamari", an equally superb game.

Shimer College


(and isn't it more like, DA NAAAAA NANANANANANA NA NA naNANA NA NA NA?)

I also like the crazy "roll you up into my life" song. --Cassie, who is, yes, also the Shimer blog moderator.

Andrew Smith

Now, I wouldn't say I'm an addict (my roommate and friends back home may disagree) but I do enjoy several hours of sitting in front of my television screen and exercising my thumbs. I play Wii, as many students here do, but Nintendo is no longer where my loyalty lies. I am an XBox lover, through and through.

Lol, your an addict just admit it! I will, I am a full blown WiiHead. I got a Red Wii for Christmas last year, and I haven't put it down ever since. It is now the end of March...

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