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February 12, 2010


Steve Last

Sounds a great school. Oh! Yes! "Most read/favorite book and why?" That's always an impossible question that one, for anyone who loves books! Take a book hiking and go with a friend - perfect!


"...the air so still it aches like the place where the tooth was on the morning after you've been to the dentist or aches like your heart in the bosom when you stand on the street corner waiting for the light to change and happen to recollect how things once were and how they might have been yet if what had happened had not happened." - are those some of lines from the Kingsmen? I really want to take a lookback on it again. :), missed the school days memory..



"My standard answer, though I may gnash my teeth at the thought of all the beautiful and beloved books I'm neglecting ... "

I can't argue with you there. It IS difficult to only choose one. ATKM is definitely a good read though.

Sersouri Mohamed

Heidi, I would like to explore the possibility of a web site for the purpose of distributing a copyrighted book I have written on "A History of the Role General Electric Played in the Development of Numerical Control for Machine Tools." It was requested by, and will be archived at, the Smithsonian in DC. It runs over 300 pgs and would be best copied to a CD for later printing. I have absolutely no knowledge or capability in this area; nor do I know the costs of such. Therefore,this is an exploratoy inquiry at the moment. Is such a possibility for an alumnus? -- Dick http://ledentistemontreal.com

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