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March 09, 2010


Eric Nicholson

In actual fact, my bout with cancer involving six months of chemotherapy occurred just short of five years ago, about three quarters of the way through the gestation period of my recently donated lock of love. For some reason I was spared the loss of my hair at that time. There was a little bit of thinning that showed up primarily on my brush after brushing my hair or blocking the drain after shampooing in the shower, but the loss was evenly distributed across my scalp and not at all noticable to anybody who was honest with me. Sorry about the confusion. We wouldn't want Team Shimer to get a reputation for misinformation.

Stuart Patterson

Oops - indeed, we want to be on the up-and-up - sorry to all - I got the story wrong. But I think it's still an impressive story. And someone's getting some extra durable locks!

Account Deleted

Great blog post to read and indeed it pays to cut our hair for a cause like this. Today, I just had my last haircut.

mathew marcel

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great post

Shopno Bilash

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