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April 17, 2014


Tommy Lobotomy

Is this a joke? Only three figures worth mentioning? Does "Modern Era" only mean last half of 20th century? Many regard Modern Philosophy as beginning with Descartes, Leibniz or Locke -- or Hume or Kant or Hegel or Nietzsche or Charles Saunders Pierce or Wittgenstein or Heidegger. In any event, Chomsky alludes to Descartes in his work but he is not a philosopher, he is a linguist (he is also a political commentator, but he has never linked his political writings to his work on linguistics).

I think you need to go back and do some more reading in philosophy before you start posting your views on "the three greatest philosophers of modern era." This is doing a disservice to your readers, not to speak of philosophy itself.

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